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Veito AERO heater 2.5kW, Carbon fiber, Aluminum, Weatherproof, IP44

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Instantly released heat, infrared rays such as solar rays

Pleasant feeling of comfort without oxygen consumption

Each component of the Aero heater is optimized for performance, it includes carbon filament that produces infrared heat, the casing is made of extruded aluminum to maximize thermal capacity.


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The radiant panel VEITO AERO is a new, beautifully designed model, mounted on the ceiling or wall. It is equipped with fastening arms and has a modern look. It does not occupy much space due to its design, it is suitable for narrow spaces.

The product benefits from TUV Germany certification (www.TUV.com), an organization that guarantees compliance with quality, efficiency and safety standards.

Due to the carbon filament it does NOT directly heat the air, but also the solid bodies in its coverage area, without consuming oxygen and without emitting carbon dioxide.

The protective grill is made of 304 stainless steel with a long service life. Each component of this system has been carefully designed to deliver high standards and long lasting performance.aero_weatherproof_final%5B5%5D.jpg

This model has NO remote control and adjustable power steps. The degree of protection is IP44.

Energy Saving, High Yield and Modern Design

The VEITO panels are very economical, having a yield of 99.9% (electricity> heat) respectively a ratio of 92% (radiant energy) and 8% (convection), they generate heat within seconds of starting. All models come equipped with a bracket and power cord with plug.

The heat emitted by the infrared electric heating systems is absorbed only by solid objects, thus, the heat will be distributed equally to the people. Infrared heating systems are practical, easy to use and can be used at any season, both outdoors and indoors.

the heat emitted is not influenced by air currents (compared to gas heaters)

installing the heater is simple, and quiet operation (compared to gas heaters)

no fuel required (compared to gas heaters)

Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial use


They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications:

apartments, houses, gardens, greenhouses, caravans, terraces, restaurants, garages, shops, offices, gyms, farms, studios or production units.

Specifications Radiant Panel VEITO AERO




The Aero model is characterized by:

- Can be mounted on the wall inside and out

- Power 2500W

- Heating capacity 12000 BTU / h

- Optimum heating surface: 30 sqm

- Color: black


Mounting locations:

- Outdoor terraces;

- Winter gardens, verandas, greenhouses

- Under the umbrella, outdoor bars and kiosks, towers.

- Covers, Pergolas

- Restaurants, hotels and pubs

- Houses, cellars, terraces, balconies

- Jobs inside or outside

- Lockers, areas for sports and fitness

- Historic buildings, castles, old villas, mansions, holiday homes

- Pools and spas, health centers

- Churches, meeting rooms, offices

- Showrooms, Exhibition halls, shops, markets

Installation Details

It can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling, provided that the minimum installation height is 1.8 m from the ground level, so that the panel can not be reached during operation (fig. A and B).

 Do not install the panel on / near a flammable surface. Observe the minimum safety distance between the heating body and the flammable surfaces when mounting. The panel should always have a distance of at least 0.5m from the ceiling and adjacent walls. In case the panel is mounted outside, it is necessary to install a weather socket.

Montati cei 2 suporti pe partea din spate a panoului cu suruburile din dotare, 
pastrand o distanta corespunzatoare intre acestia.

Instalati ceilalti 2 suporti pe perete cu suruburile si diblurile furnizate pastrand aceeasi distanta intre ele.

Asezati si fixati panoul pe perete utilizand suruburile speciale furnizate.

Fixati cea mai buna pozitie pentru panou si strangeti complet suruburile.

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La Exterior 25mp la Interior 35mp, 2,5kW, fibra Carbon, Aluminiu, Weatherproof, Fara telecomanda
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