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Infrared Carbon Heaters

Radiant panels with infrared are the last-minute solution, being very efficient, they emit heat not light, and in their range the most efficient are CARBON FIBER FILAMENTS that convert 99.9% energy consumed into heat.

Carbon Fiber Panel, fast and efficient heat source

A comfortable living space implies a comfortable, pleasant room temperature. No one likes to freeze, but the conventional heating system is not always the best solution. Think, for example, of the transition period between the seasons or the particularly cool summer days, which are not really an exception in our latitude. Sometimes it is even necessary to heat the bathroom quickly. Infrared radiators are optimal for such areas and purposes.

The heat is generated immediately after you turn on this unit. Radiators with infrared technology are universally usable and flexible. Being multifunctional heating devices, you can use infrared radiators anywhere, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor, depending on the construction version. If you use a modern infrared radiator, you will not want to give up this fast heat source any time soon!